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Welcome to the website of the Struts and Frets Players. We’re a professional theatre company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. To learn more about the company, click the About / Contact tab above.

We will be on hiatus for the foreseeable future, as all of our members have moved away to further their education. However, you can click the Past Productions tab above to check out our previous work.


Perseus & Medusa

Perseus & Medusa was our very first show as a company. For a couple of us, it was our first paying gig.

P&M was an adaptation of the classical Greek myth, incorporating masks, shadow puppets and story theatre. It documents the tale of Perseus, a champion from the small island of Seriphos, chosen by Athena to slay the gorgon Medusa, a monster so terrible that all who look on her are turned instantly to stone. Of course, Perseus has extra motivation given that King Polydectes has told him that he wants the Gorgon’s head for a wedding present, and Perseus must retrieve it on pain of death. Except that unbeknownst to Perseus, the King’s marriage to “Princess Hippodamia” is a sham; he really wants to marry Perseus’s mom. Yeah.

The show was written and produced by the newly-formed company for the 2008 Winnipeg Fringe Festival. It incorporated mask work, story theatre and shadow puppets. This formed a blend of elements with which we were familiar and those which were new to us; perfect for our first show as a professional company.

There are a lot of funnybones on that stage. These actors have great timing and know how to deliver a comic line, which they do, one right after another. S&F Players recommends it especially for kids, but this teenage troupe has pulled off the trick of mounting a production that defies any age limit for the audience. [5 stars] – Winnipeg Free Press

All things considered, it was one heck of a maiden voyage.

Athena (Kerri) and Hermes (Dan) send Perseus (Ariel) to find Medusa.

Perseus and one of the Nymphs (Kerri Potter).

The masks of the three Graeae (three sisters so old they have only one eye and one tooth to share between them) and Medusa.

Announcing “Gilgamesh”!

The story ends with the carvings on this wall, but it begins, as so many stories do, with a king. – “Gilgamesh”

This summer, the Players will be premiering their third show, entitled Gilgamesh, at the 2010 Winnipeg Fringe Festival.

Gilgamesh is adapted from The Epic of Gilgamesh, an ancient Mesopotamian legend. It tells the tale of Gilgamesh, the semi-divine King of Uruk, a city-state in ancient Sumeria. The gods created Gilgamesh to restore order to Uruk, but eventually the King becomes a tyrant, and the gods decide to create Enkidu the wild man, hoping he can beat some sense into Gilgamesh. Naturally, the two become best friends shortly thereafter. But when Enkidu dies as a result of one of their ambitious quests, Gilgamesh loses it and embarks on an epic journey to find the secret of immortality.

The 2010 Winnipeg Fringe Festival runs July 14-25. Tickets are $9 for adults, $7 for students, seniors and temple harlots. Recommended for general audience, but kids under 10 not admitted (subject matter, comedic sexual content). Show times are as follows:

Thursday, July 15 – 9:45 PM

Friday, July 16 – 12:15 PM

Saturday, July 17 – 10:30 PM

Tuesday, July 20 – 3:15 PM

Wednesday, July 21 – 1:45 PM

Friday, July 23 – 12:15 PM

Saturday, July 24 – 7:15 PM