Welcome to the website of the Struts and Frets Players. We’re a professional theatre company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. To learn more about the company, click the About / Contact tab above.

We will be on hiatus for the foreseeable future, as all of our members have moved away to further their education. However, you can click the Past Productions tab above to check out our previous work.


Comments on: "Welcome" (3)

  1. Wayne Choma said:

    Dear Players, it is always a great pleasure to see you perform! Just curious to see what’s next. I hope you might tackle the plays around the Orestia. There are many Yeats plays on Celtic subjects that you could adapt to your bent. Whatever you do I will be awaiting with eager anticipation. All the best, Wayne Choma

    • Hello Wayne,

      Thank you very much! For the time being, we’ve decided on our next project, and details should be forthcoming within a couple of weeks.

      We might consider returning to Greek literature, but we did start there, and there’s so many other places we’d like to visit first. As for Yeats and Celtic lore, we’ve actually talked a great deal about Celtic stories. Hard to say when, but I think we’re all very keen to do something from the British Isles or Eire most fair at some point.

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