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Congratulations Are In Order!

We are proud to say that Sigurd the Dragonslayer was another success for the Struts and Frets Players. We clinched the Best of Fest honour for the third time in four years, and have been flattered by some great positive feedback by audience members. Some choice accolades include:

“Struts and Frets astutely pull together their own special take on Sigurd’s portion of the saga, where pop-culture references abound and a laugh is always around the corner. – Barb Stewart in her review for the Winnipeg Free Press

“The magic in this exciting production lies in how this story is told. The story comes to life through a combination of puppetry, props, visual projection, live actors and humour. I liked the attitude these young actors add to this old tale…I highly recommend that you go and see this show.” – Justin Olynyk in a review on his blog, Winnipeg Theatre

But we are especially thrilled to announce that our very own Ariel Levine and Jessy Ardern, who wrote the script together, won the Harry Rintoul Memorial Award! This is an award given out every year by the Fringe Festival for the best original script by a Manitoba writer, and we are very proud of the recognition. And to top it off, they are the youngest recipients of the award yet.

Thank you to everyone who came out to support this madcap scheme our latest production. We will be sure to keep you apprised of our next big adventure.


New Facebook Presence

After allowing the old Facebook group to fall into disuse, we have created a fancy new Page for you all to Like instead! This page will be our new presence on that site, and will be kept updated – I promise. Unfortunately, WordPress will not allow me to add the requisite Like button directly to this blog, but the link to the Page is below, and you can now Like individual blog posts as well.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to draw your attention to the sidebar on the right, where you can enter your e-mail address and receive an e-mail when this website is updated! This usually only happens a few times a year, plus a couple updates during the Fringe Festival, so don’t worry about being constantly inundated with trivial one-way Struts and Frets-related correspondence. But if you want to know what we’re up to – and we hope you do – the option is there, and it’s a pretty good way to stay in the loop.

The new Page:

The Event page for “Sigurd the Dragonslayer”:

“Sigurd the Dragonslayer” Info

“Sigurd the Dragonslayer” is drawn from “The Volsunga Saga”, an old Norse epic about the adventures of several generations of heroes from the clan Volsung. This adaptation follows one of these heroes, Sigurd, in his quest to find honour, glory, and his place in the world.

With dragons and dwarves and valkyries, oh my, this show has something for everyone – including bad puns aplenty, as only Struts and Frets can do ’em.

VENUE 3 – The Playhouse Studio
180 Market Ave. (Entrance on Main St.)


Thursday, July 14 – 10:15 PM
Friday, July 15 – Noon
Saturday, July 16 – 8:45 PM
Wednesday, July 20 – 8:45 PM
Thursday, July 21 – 1:45 PM
Saturday, July 23 – 10:15 PM
Sunday, July 24 – 4:30 PM