“Sigurd the Dragonslayer” is drawn from “The Volsunga Saga”, an old Norse epic about the adventures of several generations of heroes from the clan Volsung. This adaptation follows one of these heroes, Sigurd, in his quest to find honour, glory, and his place in the world.

With dragons and dwarves and valkyries, oh my, this show has something for everyone – including bad puns aplenty, as only Struts and Frets can do ’em.

VENUE 3 – The Playhouse Studio
180 Market Ave. (Entrance on Main St.)


Thursday, July 14 – 10:15 PM
Friday, July 15 – Noon
Saturday, July 16 – 8:45 PM
Wednesday, July 20 – 8:45 PM
Thursday, July 21 – 1:45 PM
Saturday, July 23 – 10:15 PM
Sunday, July 24 – 4:30 PM


Comments on: "“Sigurd the Dragonslayer” Info" (1)

  1. Dolores Rintoul said:

    Congratulations on winning the Rintoul award at this year’s Fringe! I think Harry would’ve loved Sigurd … I know his daughter and I always love Struts and Frets’ work every year.


    PS – Ariel, say hello to your mom for me!

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