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Couples’ Therapy

Couples’ Therapy: An Evening with Shakespeare’s Dysfunctional Lovers was a fundraiser we put together in preparation for Gilgamesh. It was a collection of Shakespeare scenes all about the most dysfunctional love affairs and unrequited crushes in his oeuvre. We had Hamlet and Ophelia, Beatrice and Benedick, and many more, capping it all off with the infamous play-within-a-play Pyramus and Thisbe from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. We also punctuated the scenes with our own take on some of Shakespeare’s most famous sonnets. (“Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Nah.”)

Special musical guests The Flying Romantics (of which webmaster Dan is one-half) provided another between-scenes bonus in the form of their arrangements of three songs from Shakespeare’s works: “Sigh No More” and “Spring (Cuckoo, Cuckoo)” from Love’s Labours Lost; and “Ophelia’s Song” from Hamlet.

With Shakespeare, songs, stage combat, and a heavy garnishing of ketchup, Couples’ Therapy had something for everyone for a mere five dollars.